me an sol created this blog to showw evveryone howw much of a douche sol is to not only me but all his other vvictims but since wwe recently wwere forced to movve in wwith each other i wwill nevver hear the end to all his naggin

we miight a2 well make the be2t of thii2 2hiity 2iituactiion 2o a2k us 2ome que2stiion2 or whatever

((so yes this is an ask blog :3. we have Chesh as Sollux and Andrew as Eridan. iIf you have questions for the cosplayers you can ask us on our blogs :D - Eridan - Sollux))


TA: ED and II are goiing two Metacon iin Bloomiington, MN 

CA: so if you landwwellers wwish to see us, wwe’re going to be there all wweekend

TA: All…weekend?

CA: yes sol, all wweekend 

condescending-sea-foam asked
I've been having a really bad day today and your guyses omegle video made me actually laugh and made me feel better. Thanks.

CA: wwell thank YOU for wwatchin us

TA: iif you thought that wa2 funny you 2hould 2ee ed tryiing to fiigure out the human toiilet.

striderenglish69 asked
Eridan, look at you getting lucky with them women on omegle. :P
Anonymous asked
woah eridan is that a piercing? when did that happen? O:

CA: one time wwhen i  wwas takin my wweekly bubble bath sol thought it wwould be a good idea to try out his neww fishin pole in the tub

TA:  counter-culture baiit ii2 be2t for catchiing hiip2ter2.

CA: havvent gotten the shit out since

striderenglish69 asked
That's not nice Sol. Both you and Eridan are some of the most nicest-looking trolls there are. I'd love to live with both of y'all. ;)

TA: well you’re half riight..

CA: hey i like this strider guy he seems like he knowws his stuff

TA: ed 2hut the fuck up you fliirt wiith anythiing that move2..

CA: so you busy tonight mr strider

TA: //facepalm